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Everybody knows this unpleasant feeling when things fall down and break apart, this statement especially concerns illuminants. This lamp will never fall down and despite your attempts to drop it, it will surely get up. The lamp will especially fit people who have babies thirsting for knowledge and for those who have pets.
The idea certainly came up with childhood memories about "Roly-Poly" toy. The shape of lamp itself combines features of both roly-poly and matryoshka — round and kind.
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Design Debut / Shortlisted
Design Debut — annual international competition for young designers

Moscow, Russia / 2012
Innovation Design / Contest winner
Innovation Design — All-Russian Industrial Design and Design Concept Competition

Winner of the "Furniture" category.
Moscow, Russia / August 31, 2010
Yanko Design / Publication
"Love the idea since it's pretty much kid and dog proof. No more shattered lamps".
by Long Tran

Web / Oct 18, 2011
Trend Hunter / Publication
"The Roly-Poly Lamp Avoids Disasters".
by Susan Keefe

Web / Oct 19, 2011
Moscow International Furniture Show / Design Contest Shortlisted
Moscow International Furniture Show and PinWin web-platform are organizers of regular design contests.

Shortlisted at the "Industrial Design" category.
Web / May 10, 2013
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