Furniture \ Concept
Stake-chair for those who like to be «on the edge». Practically it is very comfortable to seat on a cube. If you doubt the historical authenticity of the torture stake — google it -)
The exterior — epoxy resin (molding and polishing)
Inner section — solid wood (milling)

My team has all the necessary skills and technologies for making the Stake-chair real.
Manufacturing time: 3 months (approximately)
SKU 21
Design Act / Exibition participant
Design Act — annual international design festival.

Presented at the offline exhibition.
Moscow, Russia / August 30, 2010
Design Debut / Shortlisted
Design Debut — annual international competition for young designers

Moscow, Russia / 2012
STRELKA / Publication
STRELKA — International design biennale under the auspices of the Designers Association.

Published in the official catalog of the biennale.
Nizhny Novgorod / February, 2012
Pro Gorod / Publication
ProGorod — local newspaper

1/2 page of the newspaper was about my design concepts.
Samara / June 22, 2013
Fakestival / Contest winner
Fakestival — international festival for advertising and design, where all entries are fakes.

Winner of the "Industrial Design" category.
Barnaul, Russia / August 18, 2011
The Night of the Ad Eaters / Exibition participant
The Night of the Ad Eaters — world film show, which takes place in various regions.

Exhibited at the cinema during the show.
Novosibirsk, Russia / October 21, 2011
Fact / Publication
Fact — regional newspaper.

Barnaul, Russia / August 29, 2011
Gizmodo / Publication
"Stake Chair Makes My Delicate Parts Quiver in Terror".
by Adam Frucci

Web / April 05, 2009
Trend Hunter / Publication
"Ton Guglya's 'Stake Chair' is Inspired by Medieval Torture Device".
by Marissa Brassfield

Web / May 04, 2009
NOTCOT / Publication
"The terrifying "Stake Chair" by Russian designer Ton Guglya is based on a popular medieval torture device".

Web / 2009
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